About Me

Hmm what to say, what to say…

Well, I’m a writer, usually focusing on commercial realistic young adult, fantasy (supernatural, urban, paranormal, dark, etc) young adult, and adult fiction, mostly in the “literary fantasy” genre.

I’m also a baker, or I like to think of myself as one, at least. I love making pastries, cakes and cupcakes mostly, and sometimes other desserts. I’ll also cook regular, non-dessert, foods, but not as often.

Well…That’s me in a nutshell!

  1. Hey Andy! Stopped over to see what’s going on with you! Loved the cake your cousin made and can’t wait to hear your antics. Got any excerpts of your writing? I love to read it!

  2. Andrew Carmichael says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Misty!

    I hadn’t thought about posting excerpts, but I think I will now.

    I’m also going to add you to my links list!

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